Information for tenants

When you want to rent a house, Casarent is your Rental Agency

Casarent v.o.f. was founded in 1985 by Irene Wolff de Beer and has been registered with the Chamber of Merchants at Hilversum under number 32053843 since 1986.
As a reputable rental agent Casarent has been on the market longer than any of our colleagues specialized rental agents in Het Gooi.
Many owners have used our rental services for years.
Since 2011 Casarent is located at Eierlanden 85 1274CP at Huizen in The Netherlands.

Tenants/house hunters can enrol for free with us. Casarent seeks and finds a suitable home for you. The houses that we offer are owned by individuals or real estate investors.
Casarent can offer upholstered and / or furnished homes in the higher segment of the rental market.

When parties come to an agreement by our mediation Casarent will make the rental agreement in accordance with the wishes of the parties and observing all applying legal regulations .
On completion and handing over the keys Casarent will make an accurate inspection report which will be signed by both parties.

In case problems occur during a rental period an owner/lessor can always rely on our assistance.
At the end of a rental period Casarent will conduct a thorough final inspection.
Culpable damage caused by the tenant will be deducted from the deposit.

Terms and conditions:

Bemiddelingsprovisie wordt in rekening gebracht bij de eigenaar.

  • Mediation fee will be charged to the landlord.
  • During the entire rental period you can rely on Casarent.

We are members of the umbrella organization Residential Tenancies Pararius.

If you have any question, please contact us!



Privacy policy for visitors to the website of Casarent

The policy of Casarent is to be transparent concerning the purposes we need personal data for as meant in the Privacy Act (AVG).
Personal data are needed for checks and comparison in order to draw up a correct lease contract.
Personal data will never been shown to any third party without consent of the owner.
After having used personal data for the up mentioned purpose Casarent will destroy these data i.e. copy passport and employers statement.
Casarent will take a home for rental purposes only with the consent of the owner and place it on the national website of Pararius and on the website of Casarent v.o.f.